FCP Demos at MWC Barcelona 2024

We are pleased to announce that we will be having the following demos at the upcoming MWC Barcelona 2024.  Do stop by!

1) Security Tests of QCT OmniRAN’s Handover Procedures by Asia & Pacific OTIC in Singapore (SUTD) using Keysight Test Solutions

Hall 5, Booth 5E21 / Booth 5E12

SUTD, hosting the Asia & Pacific OTIC in Singapore, conducted rigorous security tests with support from Keysight to validate the handover procedures implemented by QCT’s O-RAN-based OmniRAN 5G solution. The testing, involving multiple OmniRAN cells, achieved significant test automation, ensuring consistency and repeatability.

2) O-RAN Energy Saving Demonstration using rApp (from SUTD), OmniRAN (from QCT), and E-Plane Test Suite (from Keysight)

Hall 5, Booth 5E21 / Booth 5E12

SUTD showcases its AI-based Energy Saving rApp, designed to manage QCT’s O-RAN-based OmniRAN system optimally. Leveraging AI for traffic predictions and energy saving RAN control, this breakthrough, verified with Keysight’s E-plane test suite, underscores AI’s pivotal role in telecommunications.

3) O-RAN Energy Saving Demonstration using rApp (from SUTD), non-RT RIC (from VMware), and RIC Tester (from VIAVI)

Hall 5, Booth 5A18

SUTD presents an integration of its Energy-saving rApp with VMware’s Non-RT RIC and VIAVI’s RIC test solution. Employing state-of-the-art AI technologies, the rApp optimizes cell control, achieving significant energy savings without compromising service quality in realistic scenarios.