Communications and Connectivity Steering Committee (C2SC)

Mr Lew Chuen Hong (co-chair) IMDACE
Prof Chua Kee Chaing (co-chair)SITPresident
Prof Lye Kin Mun I2R, A*STARExecutive Director
Prof Cheng Tee HiangNTUElectrical and Electronic EngineeringProfessor
Prof Phoon Kok KwangSUTDProvost
Dr Ong Chen Hui IMDABiz Tech GroupAssistant Chief Director
Mr Cheong Chee HooDSOCEO
Mr Quek Gim Pew MINDEFSenior R&D Consultant
Dr Marvin LeeNRFSmart Nation & Digital EconomyDirector
Mr Huang ZhongwenSNDGSmart City Programme OfficeDirector
Ms Sharon ChiewIMDADigital Industry SingaporeDirector