FCCLab Details

What it offers
The FCCLab is being setup to facilitate research on future generations of communications technologies. It is an 5G-enabled open Radio Access Network (RAN) testbed that can provide a platform for testing and optimizing performance of different functional blocks (including both hardware and software modules that follow open interface specifications). The testbed leverages open-source software and tools from the OpenAirInterfaceTM (OAI) Software Alliance (OSA) and uses cloud-native software-defined radio access network (RAN) to support scalability, flexibility, reliability/resiliency, and cost-effectiveness. The testbed takes reference to the O-RAN reference architecture to enable support of RAN virtualization, and application of machine learning and artificial intelligence in RAN optimization. The modular design of the testbed also provides flexibility of reconfiguring the RAN to different architectures.

• A software-defined, modular, reconfigurable 5G R&D testbed
• To support innovative 5G applications, including drone racing, extended reality (XR)
• A platform for testing and optimizing performance of different functional blocks (including both hardware and software modules that follow open interface specifications)
• To support integrated testing of commercial-grade 5G private network solutions with open-source-based components
• Follow the O-RAN reference architecture

Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT)

About the Vendor

QCT is a leading global datacenter solution provider and 5G enabler that offers 5G end-to-end solutions (including 5G CN & 5G RAN) spanning from the data center, core network, access network deployment, to on-premise applications, as well as full-spectrum off-the-shelf hardware, to drive fundamental changes in the way our customer plan, deploy and manage their infrastructure with greater flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

As one of the members of ORAN Alliance, Open RAN Policy Coalition, and Telecom Infra Project (TIP), QCT aims to drive Open RAN and 5G technology to accelerate the future of communication.

About the technology

QCT OmniPOD Enterprise 5G is a standards-compliant (3GPP Release 15 and ORAN function split 7-2 compliant), enterprise-grade private 5G network solution, including a high-availability design for 5G Core to address core network reliability demands and a flexible system configuration for RAN to fulfill diverse coverage and capacity requirements.

QCT Enterprise 5G solution powered by Intel is an end-to-end in-house developed solution inclusive of OmniRAN (remote radio unit [RRU], fronthaul gateway [FHGW], baseband unit [BBU]), 5G standalone (SA) core (OmniCore), and an operation, administration, and management (OAM) software platform (OmniView).

QCT OmniPOD E5G follows ORAN protocol in a way that separates RU from DU which is connected with the 7-2 interface, and CU & DU are put together as BBU. ORAN 7-2 is a split between high PHY and low PHY for low latency communication and near-edge deployment. Reducing complexity in the remote radio unit (RRU) and increasing cost competitiveness and resiliency.

Using GPS as the accurate primary reference time source, FHGW acts as a grand master that generates IEEE 1588v2 signals for RRU. Furthermore, by using the FHGW, a large number of O-RUs can be scaled out for coverage expansion demands. Through the feature of high scalability, QCT OmniPOD E5G satisfies diverse use case requirements and flexible deployment.

For enquires about this testbed, please contact the FCP Office at fcp_office@sutd.edu.sg