Future Communications Translation Lab (FCTLab) at SIT

The Future Communications Translation Lab (FCTLab) at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) will facilitate industry adoption of nascent technologies in 5G and future communications. The FCTLab is set up to facilitate innovation and technology translation by providing the necessary testbed platforms and tools to industries. This will enable open innovation, learning, testing and validating of technologies and use cases with industries and agencies.

What it offers
The FCTLab is established to drive applied research and innovation in 5G and future communications, and enable use cases and applications, through partnerships with industry companies, public agencies, institute of higher learning (IHL), and research institutions from Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR). Our current technology focus areas are in open radio access networks (RAN) and open core networks, intelligent edge computing, network slicing, robotics and automation, augmented reality/virtual reality/extended reality and immersification, Internet of Things, Digital Twin, etc.

The FCTLab also offers modeling and simulation platforms, performance testing and benchmarking equipment, as well as live network infrastructure to support testbedding and validating new technologies in the 5G operational testbed environment. Combining these technical expertise and connectivity infrastructure at the FCTLab, we support the industries in developing emerging applications enabled by 5G and future communications for sectors ranging from smart factories, industry 4.0, smart logistics, intelligent transportation, smart estates, digital healthcare, and to next-generation maritime.

Through the collaborations with industries and agencies, the FCTLab also seeks to co-create intellectual properties for commercialisation with our partners, and strengthen demand-led applied research and innovation, as well as capability transfer to industry companies.

• Modeling and Simulation Platforms for analysing actual traffic profiles, performance parameters, radio propagation and interference data, and identifying and solving key issues during feasibility study.
• 5G Standalone System with over-the-air communications and connectivity for innovation, testing, and validating use cases and solutions in an operational environment. This is an important implementing step in bringing the solution to actual operation or deployment.
• System Engineering supported by the in-house team of technical experts in solution architecture and design, user interface, engineering to system integration, etc. FCTLab will also collaborate and tap on subject expertise from the Institutes of Higher Learnings (IHLs) and A*STAR.

For enquires about this testbed, please contact the FCTLab at FCTL@SingaporeTech.edu.sg